Verification of Label Claims and Content

We protect you from the plethora of suppliers making bogus claims regarding the environmental-friendliness of their products and materials. By extension we protect you from making unsupportable content claims.

V-Labs identifies precisely what's in your packaging and provides you with third party verification to ensure your claims for biodegradation as per ASTM International are accurate.

How V-Labs verifies label claims:

  • Our uniquely powerful method of testing and monitoring PCR content ensures your packaging maintains the compositional content you expect.
  • We then source and address any anomalies throughout the supply chain.
  • Content analysis isn't just for plastics. We perform complete analysis and verification for environmental contaminants such as toxic heavy metals, hydrocarbons and all regulated compounds potentially found in thermoplastic, bio-based plastic, and thermoset packaging.

Staying on Top of Shifting Regulations and Trends

As scientists who develop as well as respond to packaging technological advancements and regulations, we also monitor and ensure compliance of emerging regulations and industry standards.