Composition Documentation and Regulatory
Program Compliance

If you're like most consumer product companies, you are increasingly bombarded by external forces all demanding testing and documentation of their packaging composition. It has become a full time job simply testing and documenting the content of packaging.

The mission of V Labs is to relieve you of many of those concerns and offer you a measure of comfort by ensuring that all of your packaging is compliant and all supporting documentation is in order.

When issues related to compliance arise, we also help you those problems at the source. We understand you are not in the packaging business. That's our job.

How V-Labs relieves you of paperwork and documentation required by regulatory initiatives:

  • We first complete an initial assessment of your packaging,
    • identifying potential sources of non-compliance,
    • determining where further testing is necessary and
    • completing all compliance paperwork not requiring further testing
  • We then test your packaging to identify toxins and migrants transferred from packaging into food and medical products using protocols defined by the CFR, ASTM International and ISO (International Standards Organization)
  • Once package testing is complete, we document a composition analysis that meets EPA, CEPA and REACH initiatives.
  • If there are issues with non-compliance or component variability we will source the issues by supplier and help you avoid any future anomalies.
  • Finally, we can then monitor your supply chain, identifying and validating what is coming off your lines into your packaging - from foreign and domestic suppliers.